All shelters and safe rooms can be customized to any size

Are you Ready for this year's storm season?

It's impossible to predict the exact time, path and strength of extreme storms and tornadoes.  Every year these storms and tornadoes injure and kill peope across the Central, Midwestern, and Southern regions of the United States.  An ArmourGuard Storm Shelter or Safe Room can provide the protection you need from injury or death caused by this dangerous weather for you, your family and your employees.  

ArmourGuard manufactures and installs storm shelter and safe rooms that are engineered and tested to withstand the forces of extreme wind and flying debris.  

Don't Be Caught Off Guard!

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding areas of Texas, let one of our qualified professionals help you determine which one of our shelters would be right for your home or business.  Contact us for a no cost, no obligation consultation today.  

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Jumbo Flush Steel 13 Person Tornado Storm Shelter

Jumbo Flush Steel 13 person Tornado Storm Shelter